We’re experts of telecom-web convergence—the immediacy and convenience of mobile telecom together with the power of the Internet. Truly ubiquitous mobile communications, anywhere on any device. The New Universal.

For over 12 years we’ve been innovating on this credo, and today, with over 500 enterprise customers and leading Internet companies connected via 1,200 networks across the world, we seamlessly integrate universal mobile services such as SMS, voice, and phone numbers into a single web of communication, turning global mobile interaction into an everyday reality—even in parts of the world where there’s no reliable Internet connection.

For enterprises seeking to engage their customers around the word, we bring our extensive know-how and access to top social networks and messaging apps to help them integrate chat apps into their customer communications—without wading through technical complexity.

For messaging app entrepreneurs, our easy-to-use APIs make it simple to integrate telecom connectivity and services into their apps. Leveraging on our extensive list of customers, we bring enterprise brands and messaging apps together to reach their mutual customers for more cost-effective and engaging experience.