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Welcome to Messaging Apps Europe

Join us at Messaging Apps, taking place on September 23&24 in London. This special networking event brings together messaging app platforms and Heads of Digital, Social, Mobile and Audience Engagement at brands and media companies to discuss how the pioneers in this space have been experimenting and starting to figure out what works, how to engage with authentic content and how to monetise.

Come and hear from the best and most experienced minds in a space that is nascent in Europe and N. America despite the hundreds of millions of people using messaging. From Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post to Evian and Coca Cola and the Co-op, the United Nations and Comic Relief this is a group of highly engaged digital experts who are going to share what they’ve learned both in September and as
a network that will be sustained after the conference.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be discussing:

  • A look at the global map of messaging apps – where are their strongholds? What do their different
    demographics look like? What are the philosophies in partnering with enterprise of each app
    and what can they each offer?
  • What’s worked in Asia and can those best practices be replicated in Europe?
  • How the smart content owners are entering the conversation without being intrusive
  • How brands are appealing to users who don’t want advertising but connection and conversation
  • How to create content for messaging apps rather than repurpose
  • How to monetise partnerships


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With speakers from organisations including:

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“What’s worked in Asia and can those best practices be replicated in Europe?”
– Head of Social

“How are other content owners entering the conversation without being intrusive?”
– Head of Digital

“How are brands appealing to users who don’t want advertising, but want the connection and conversation?”
– Head of Mobile

“How can my organization deliver an eSport and what can we learn from the success of eSports? How do we retain an audience? How can we reach a wider demographic of gamers?”
– Publisher

“This is a market that is largely yet untapped – on what new platforms are available for me to advertise?”
– Advertiser

“I get eSports, but what data is associated with eSports that will support my investment? How do I define ROI targets and who else is doing it well?”
– Sponsor